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SpireJet has acquired a Cessna Citation Bravo which is available to the ad-hoc charter market. The Bravo has long been a favourite in the European charter market with an excellent blend of range, speed, comfort, carrying capacity and cost-efficiency. It has also demonstrated an outstanding safety record.


The aircraft boasts a refurbished paint scheme and interior, both from 2013, a further partial interior refurbishment from 2016 and a low total airframe time. In 2019 it underwent a major avionics upgrade to bring it into line with the latest safety standards and recommendations, including ADSB-out and RNP1. It also benefits from reduced runway-length requirements, air conditioning and a two-place side-facing couch, highly unusual amongst Bravos, and can therefore carry 8 passengers in comfort without loss of the full “deluxe” refreshment centre. There is, off course, a flushing lavatory which can double as a ninth seat if passenger load is paramount.


Furthermore the basic mass of our aircraft is such that, for example, 8 average-weight passengers consisting of four men and four women could be carried and still allow for loading sufficient fuel to convey the aircraft for over 3 hours, landing with ample reserves. In this configuration Malaga, Brindisi, Tunis, Bucharest, Minsk and Helsinki are within range from London. With four average-weight male passengers full fuel can be loaded and Marrakesh, Athens, Istanbul and Moscow are within reach.

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Bravo Facts

Length: 14.42m
Wingspan: 15.76m
Height: 4.57m
Range, full fuel: 1,700nm
Range, full passengers: 1,400nm
Maximum speed: 404kt/465mph/748kph
Maximum altitude: 45,000 feet
Normal climb: 3,300 feet per minute
Take-off length (approx.): 900m
Landing length (approx.): 1,200m
Maximum passengers (G-SPRE): 9
Cabin length: 16 feet
Cabin/baggage volume: 278/73 cubic feet


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