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We can collect you from, and deliver you to, virtually any regional airport in Europe and north Africa. We will look at your requested point of departure and arrival and advise on the best and nearest airport in the vicinity. We are also happy to arrange onward ground transportation to your ultimate destination so the whole process is taken care of by us and all you have to do is enjoy it.


We understand that plans frequently change or you may just want the luxury of flexibility. We undertake never to book any two unrelated charters too close together so our passengers will always enjoy the benefit of changing their departure times by at least one or two hours; naturally we will accommodate any changes whatsoever to your schedule or passenger numbers wherever we can physically and legally do so. Where changes involve additional administrative costs (such as airport parking, landing-fee surcharges, changes in crew etc.) we will only pass on payments directly incurred by us.


Generally, if not currently booked on a charter, the aircraft can be "launched" with just two hours’ notice if time is of the essence. Our central position in Oxford means we can get to you very quickly.


All public transport flights are operated in association with our partner, Synergy Aviation Limited under their UK Air Operators Certificate number GB 2279. Synergy have many years of experience in the corporate aircraft market and all pilots are trained and qualified to comply with Synergy's rigorous standards as well as those of the Civil Aviation Authority and the European Aviation Safety Agency.


Catering is provided on all longer flights as a matter of course and at a sensible cost. Special catering requests will always be accommodated if possible.


All our flights include a selection of snacks and a wide variety of hot, soft and alcoholic drinks including champagne as standard.

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